Monday, March 2, 2009

Composting the Ewwey Gooey Way

Feast your eyes on this! This is where we grow our food...well, eventually. We just started composting with red worms. While we are doing CSA now, we will someday have our own bountiful harvests from our backyard. Our compost bin is actually a 'rubbermaid-like' storage bin that we drilled with holes (so the worms can breathe). Then you create bedding material out of shredded cardboard and newspaper, add your waste (a.k.a. worm food) and worms. Composting with red worms allows you to have finished compost sooner because the worms digest the rotting food, helping to break it down more quickly. Also, since the worms are feasting on the nastiness, our yard should not have the lovely compost aroma in the air! After researching composting, I feel this is the best route especially if you are limited on space. You can even keep your red worm compost indoors so it is perfect for apartment and condo-living. I found Red Worm Composting and WikiHow to be great resources. Anyone already have experience with this form of composting?

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  1. My parents were all about compost piles growing up. Anything from egg shells to orange rinds and everything in between went in there.

    On an unrelated note, I see that you have food storage linked on your site. I've recently started reading this blog:

    great deals on starting to be prepared for emergency situations, whether that be no funds for a month or someone loses a job, etc. Very helpful.

    Also, try

    Regardless of faith/worship, there are fantastic hints and tips to getting what you need per person. I used the calculator on the site to figure out what canned goods I needed. {I'm lucky enough to have an LDS Cannery somewhat close and could go there and buy the stuff and can it on site.} I don't think you can order the cannery items, but seriously, just for the resources for self-reliance it's worth a peek.

    email me if you have any questions!