Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pink Pancakes

So I know Valentine's Day has come and gone but I just had to share these pink pancakes. Aaron made them into little heart shapes for our first Valentine's breakfast as an old married couple. We got the recipe out of a cookbook (a gift from our wedding) called Deceptively Delicious. Jerry Seinfeld's wife has created many ways to 'hide' fruits and veggies in our everyday meals. I think we are pretty good about eating our veggies but her recipes offer unique ways to enjoy them. Her style is to cook the produce, puree it and then store it in the freezer in convenient measurements. Then you can take out the produce and sneak it into your meal later on. I have found this a great asset to CSA. Sometimes, we get more produce than we can handle in a given week due to being out of town, eating out, etc. and this allows me to answer the question, "Just what am I going to do with all these beets?" How else did you think we made our pancakes pink? ;) I know it sounds crazy but they really are de-lish! They are high in protein and give me sustaining energy long into the day.

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