Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home Control Journal

Rather quickly after getting married, I realized I needed to create some sort of home maintenance/cleaning schedule. I am accustomed to caring for a 500 square foot apartment with an even smaller balcony. So when I moved into Aaron's 1600 square foot home with both front and (gasp!) back yards, needless to say I was a bit overwhelmed as to where to begin. Not to mention moving in all of my worldly goods made for piles of homeless items all over the house. I didn't know where anything was and I knew two things were in order:
1. Simplification
2. Organization

Now, I LOVE to organize. Call me a freak but I get such a sense of accomplishment from organizing and I enjoy the mental challenge. Though I am a pack-rat by nature (I WILL need this someday...), being surrounded by simplicity offers such a breath of fresh air for me. Not to mention my internal control-freak beast is satisfied much quicker when there are only a few things to manage. Given all this, you would think I would need absolutely no help in getting a home in order. I am impatient. It drove me totally bonkers seeing our home still in c.h.a.o.s. (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) a whole month after the wedding. (In hindsight, I see how ridiculous I was being.) Basically, I needed some sort of rule of thumb to gauge my progress so I would FEEL like I was getting somewhere. That is when I found FlyLady.

Now, I don't feel that I need to be reminded to put on my shoes everyday, but her simple steps to creating a schedule sent me shooting off into the right direction. Besides, it is such a little ego-compliment when she is trying to instill the habit of getting dressed everyday and yahoo, me! I already have that one down pat! Creating a weekly schedule is my first step to a Home Control Journal. I'd love to hear about other schedules that you have found to work for you and your family. I am able to get each day's "chores" completed before I begin work each morning around 9am (or I save some of it for a break in the afternoon if I have an early meeting, etc.). I will explain my daily schedule at a later time.

Spend one hour 'blessing' my home (Wash bedsheets, empty all trash, gather recycling, vacuum upstairs and stairs, clean vacuum, clean mirrors/doorknobs/light switches, dust)
Spend 15 mins. decluttering
Spend 15 mins. performing a Spring Cleaning-like chore

Clean fridge
Menu & Shopping List planning (coupons, etc.)
Put trash and recycling out at the curb
One load of laundry
CSA pickup
15 mins. each on Spring Cleaning and decluttering

One load of laundry
Calendar sync with husband
Errand day
Clean out purse & car
15 mins. each of Spring Cleaning and decluttering

Clean toilets & tubs
Sweep patios
One load of laundry
15 mins. each of Spring Cleaning and decluttering

Date Night!
Sweep and mop tile (which is most of our house!)
Clean birdcage & catbox
Water & fertilize plants
One load of laundry
15 mins. each of Spring Cleaning and decluttering

play, play, play!
Farmer's Market

Rejoice & Relax!
Calendar Sync

How does home management work in your household? What are your tricks of the trade to keep on top of it all?

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