Wednesday, March 11, 2009

72 Hour Emergency Food Kit

Emergency Preparedness is something that has been on my to-do list for quite some time. From making a list of emergency contacts to gathering, storing and maintaining a year's worth of food - it can be pretty overwhelming. Thankfully, Food Storage Made Easy presents it in just my steps!

I am currently working on Baby Step 2 which involves:
- Grab List - items to be sure to grab in cases like an evacuation, listed in order of descending priority
- Car Kit - essential first aid and other emergency gear to always have with you on the road.
- Clear an area near the main exit to house my Disaster Kit and Emergency Binder - quick and easy grab on the go.
- 72 hour food kit, as the picture shows.

I was lucky enough to have this air-tight plastic container on hand that I don't use much and won't miss in the kitchen. It is large enough to hold all the food necessary for both Aaron and I for 3 days. The list on the side not only shows the contents but shows a menu plan per person for each of the 3 days. Always record the date on your food storage. This kit will need to be used within one year. So, by next March I will take out this food, eat it and replace with new.

Though I do have all the food, I am not quite finished. Taped to the lid are the items I am still missing (posted there just in case we need to use this before my next trip to the store). A disclaimer to myself, if you will! I still need to purchase a wing stove with pellets and matches (quite important!).

I also still need to store my water for my 72 hour kit. Enough water to fill a 2-liter soda bottle is needed to reconstitute all the food within this kit. It is also recommended to have 3 2-liter bottles per person for drinking. Off to find containers...!

Here is the link to the menu for our 3 day emergency food supply. It was a long day in the grocery store looking for these items that I rarely, if ever, eat. I came sooo close to asking for help in finding the 'beanie weanies' because I had never heard of them (though I could guess what they are). However, I had a hunch that they were something All-American, so fear of humiliation kept me quite...for 20 stinkin' minutes. I was right! Glad I didn't ask. They are right next to the pork n beans!
I hope by next year's replenishment, I will have homemade canned goods so our emergency stash will have more natural foods. This list is lacking in fruit big time! But hey, it's all about survival, right?

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  1. So what kind of things are on your emergency menu?